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Q Where can I find information for schools regarding ADHD? I am getting conflicting information regarding whether schools recognise ADHD as a disability.

Posted by rimmelle
Role: Parent/carer
Date: Monday, February 18, 2019 - 11:55
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A Answers (5 available)

Reply from mwhite51 - Education authority employees (Government, Independent and Catholic)

Hi Rimmelle, with the new functional approach to disability schools should be basing their decisions whether to include students on the impact ADHD has on the students access to education and the curriculum.  If the student requires an adjustment (school needs to collect 10 weeks of evidence) to access the curriculum they should be included.  The variance will be the intensity of adjustment required

Reply from [email protected] - Other (including pre-service teachers, private consultants, other non-school based roles)

Hi Rimmelle,

For further information, the 'Useful Links' NCCD page ( also contains a link to the ADHD Australia website, under the 'Disability organisations' heading. 

Reply from Anthony Jenkins - Teachers (including school-based specialist teaching roles)


This resource may be helpful if a school is not recognizing ADHD as a disability. We certainly recognize it as one at our school and we support these students, make adjustments etc.

Adjustments might be short breaks, more physical or hands-on tasks, fidget toys, teacher education about ADHD more tasks that require brainstorming and divergent thinking, regular contact with psychologists/psychiatrist increased creativity in tasks, reduction in working memory reliant assessment, rest breaks during exams.… 

Reply from dxw - Other school executive (e.g. Deputy principal, Assistant principal)

Does ADHD fall within the Cognitive category of disability or the Socioemotional category? 

Reply from helpdesknccd - Other (including pre-service teachers, private consultants, other non-school based roles)

Hi Daniel,

You should select the disability category that has the greatest impact on the student’s education and is the main driver of adjustments to support their access and participation.


The NCCD Team

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