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CASE STUDY Billy, not included in the NCCD

Year level
Educational setting
Mainstream school

Level of adjustment
Not included
Category of disability
Not included
Included in data collection

Billy's story

Billy is a Year 3 student attending a primary school in a large country town. Billy is working approximately two years behind grade level in most areas. While Billy’s teachers have not ruled out a specific learning disability, they believe his consistent non-attendance at school has had a significant impact on his literacy and numeracy development. This in turn impacts on his achievement in areas such as science and humanities. The school has discussed their concerns with regard to academic achievement and attendance with Billy’s parents. Billy is on an individual education plan (IEP) to address his attendance, literacy and numeracy issues. The IEP has been sent home to his parents.

The strategies in place to address Billy’s attendance have had some success and he now attends approximately three days per week. The key strategies the school is using to support Billy include:

  • a small-group intervention program for literacy
  • a differentiated maths program to target the gaps identified in his maths concepts
  • allowing Billy to demonstrate his content knowledge in a range of formats such as giving verbal answers to content based questions in science.

The school is waiting to see the impact of their teaching and learning adjustments now that Billy is attending more frequently. They will make a judgement and possibly discuss testing with the School Psychologist depending on Billy’s progress over the next year, as at this stage his non-attendance could be a more reasonable explanation for his low achievement levels.

Information that supports inclusion in the NCCD What's this?

  • Step 1. Is there an adjustment to address disability? No

    • As defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Billy is not receiving adjustments due to disability and should not be included in the NCCD.
  • Do you have evidence? No

    • Billy does not have a disability but he is receiving some non-disability related adjustments (eg differentiated maths program).
    • Billy may require an adjustment(s) to address disability in the future if it is found that low attendance is not the only cause for his low achievement levels. 
    • If so, evidence needs to be provided to support the category of disability.
  • Step 2. What is the level of adjustment? Not included

    • The adjustments provided are not attributable to a recognised disability at this time.
  • Step 3. What is the category of disability? Not included

    • As defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Billy does not have a disability and should not be included in the NCCD.
  • Step 4. Record and submit the data No (Student is not included)

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