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CASE STUDY Eddy, QDTP, Physical

Year level
Educational setting
Mainstream school

Level of adjustment
Category of disability
Included in data collection

Eddy's story

Eddy is a Year 7 student with cerebral palsy. He has weakness in his left hand but no other physical impairments. Eddy is a happy, social child who is working at grade level. The weakness in Eddy’s left hand creates some difficulty when handwriting as while he can write with his right hand, steadying the paper with his left hand causes him to position himself poorly, creating postural issues.

To assist Eddy, the school:

  • utilises a slope board with a clip to steady paper when writing/drawing
  • has discussed with Eddy strategies he can use to get assistance if required
  • ensures all door handles are well maintained so they can be opened with one hand
  • has discussed with teachers the need to consider Eddy’s requirements when planning their program, for example, providing a tee and a lighter bat for Eddy when playing softball.

Eddy’s parents and the teacher communicate via email where necessary and the school support team meets with Eddy and his parents annually unless required more frequently.

Information that supports inclusion in the NCCD What's this?

  • Step 1. Is there an adjustment to address disability? Yes

    • Yes, adjustments are provided to enable a student with disability to access education on the same basis as other students.
    • As defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Eddy has the malfunction, malformation or disfigurement of a part of his body.
  • Do you have evidence? Yes

    • Meeting notes with student and parent(s)
    • Staff professional learning plans/timetables
    • Observational and functional assessments
  • Step 2. What is the level of adjustment? QDTP

    • A differentiated approach to curriculum delivery (eg in the area of sport) 
    • Provision of physical aids to help with writing/drawing
    • Regular upkeep of school door handles to ensure full access by Eddy 
    • Consideration of Eddy’s needs in program planning
  • Step 3. What is the category of disability? Physical

    • Eddy has a physical disability in the form of cerebral palsy.
  • Step 4. Record and submit the data Yes (Student is included)

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