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CASE STUDY Jonathon, Supplementary, Cognitive

Year level
Educational setting
Mainstream school

Level of adjustment
Category of disability
Included in data collection

Jonathon is a Year 1 student enrolled at a large metropolitan primary school.

Jonathon’s speech is sometimes difficult to understand and class-based literacy assessments indicate that he is performing more than 12 months behind his peers.

Following the class-based assessments, Jonathon’s teacher approached the school’s Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) asking for a meeting with Jonathon’s carer, his grandmother, to talk about a shared learning program between school and home. His teacher, the LSC and his grandmother talked about activities that could be done at home with Jonathon and whether his grandmother would like him included in the school’s special reading group. During the meeting, Jonathon’s grandmother asked to be provided with games and activities for him at home. The teachers agreed to give targeted activities to his grandmother. They also agreed to set up a communication book so that Jonathon could practise targeted vocabulary at home with his grandmother and the school could reward his learning efforts both at home and at school.

In the classroom, his teacher decided to modify how she presents information, slowing down her speech to allow all students to have additional processing time. She also ensures that written information she gives Jonathon is in ‘chunks’, making it more accessible. Jonathon participates in the special reading program.

The LSC, Jonathon’s classroom teacher and his grandmother agreed to meet again in 10 weeks to talk about his progress and the effectiveness of the current adjustments being made for him.

Information that supports inclusion in the NCCD What's this?

  • Step 1. Is there an adjustment to address disability? Yes

    • Yes, adjustments are provided to enable a student with disability to access education on the same basis as other students.
    • As defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Jonathon has a disorder or malfunction that results in him learning differently from a person without the disorder of malfunction.
  • Do you have evidence? Yes

    • Classroom curriculum-based assessment
    • Meeting notes with LSC and carer
    • Personalised learning plan
    • Targeted reading program
  • Step 2. What is the level of adjustment? Supplementary

    • Jonathon has modified or tailored programs in literacy (including reading and vocabulary). 
    • Jonathon’s teacher provides modifications to instruction in terms of teaching strategies, including provision of information in accessible forms. 
    • Jonathon needs extra time to process new concepts.
    • The school provides intermittent specialist (LSC) teacher support.
  • Step 3. What is the category of disability? Cognitive

    • Jonathon has a cognitive disability, in the form of an imputed learning disability.
  • Step 4. Record and submit the data Yes (Student is included)

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